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    Hi all,

    I travel routinely around the UK for work, in particular all over England and to Scotland, with less frequent visits to Northern Ireland and Wales.

    Here are my current observations regards covid:

    England – Masks are no longer law and most people do not wear them. You are not required to wear them in shops, restaurants, clubs, bars, trains, buses, airport etc you name it and the vast majority of businesses do not require them as policy. Absolutely NOBODY asks you to sign in or scan a QR code anymore. There are no social distancing rules. Domestic life in England is now 95 percent normal. The reason I say 95, is because still a hardcore of 15-20% insist on muzzling up and its an odd coalition of old people and the virtue signalling young. TFL in London still insist on masks, however this is not enforced whatsoever and I would say compliance is below 50 percent. There is no vaccine passport, and I was on a night out in Liverpool other night which was 100 percent pre covid normal.

    Scotland – Oh dear where to start. Whilst largely more normal that it was I would put Scotland at 60 percent normal. Mask wearing is still required in all indoor public places and on public transport, and compliance is sadly around 80 percent. There is a vaccine passport for clubs only, and believe it or not a good half of cafes and restaurants still ask you to sign in and scan a QR code. Forget about Scotland, it is run by a pyscho and still wants to fan the flames of this nonsense.

    Wales – Same rules as Scotland however more normal at 80 percent I would say. Whilst muzzling up is law, far far fewer people comply compared to Scotland.

    Northern Ireland – I cannot comment as not been in over 4 months so my views would not be accurate.


    Well, it is nice to see that the UK is now fully unrestricted throughout.

    Several people I know in England have reported that masks are quite a rare sight these days, but I’m not sure if people in other parts of the UK are wearing them voluntarily.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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