British Airways – Another IT SNAFU

Over the last few months and years, it is an understatement to say that British Airways has been subject to the occasional IT failure.

I was recently caught up in such an increasingly common SNAFU, when my BA Executive Club account was inexplicably locked, for no apparent reason.

What followed can only be described as a cascade of incompetence.

Over the course of 9 days, I spent several hours on the phone to BA’s Executive Club line, intermittently being randomly dumped into call queues for reservations or booking amendments.

Eventually I received an e-mail from a gentleman with a tangential connection to the correct department, and a 48-hour exchange began.

Finally, I am finally able to access my BAEC account and move forward with my travel plans.

Overall, this has been a frustrating experience and a disappointment from BA, which has been, without exception, my favourite international carrier over the last few years.

It is not hyperbolic to say that the service I have received from BA during the last few difficult years has been head and shoulders above the global competition.

It is therefore disappointing that they seem unable to resolve such a basic issue in anything resembling an expedient manner.

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Canada drops all restrictions

In what may be a surprise move for a country which had among the most draconian covid restrictions in the world, Canada has announced that all entry restrictions relating to the covid panic have been dropped.

There is now no requirement for:

  • Covid vaccination
  • Pre-departure testing
  • Testing on arrival
  • Quarantine
  • Contact tracing

The federal mask mandate on board aircraft and other forms of transport has also been lifted.

Provincial and municipal mask mandates have also been allowed to expire throughout most of the country.

Whilst this is good news in theory, it is important to remember, firstly that Canada has a long record of covid restrictions among the harshest in the western world,  and secondly that the country has a long winter ahead.

Whilst it would be politically embarrassing to u-turn on the often prohibitive entry requirements, I would not be surprised to see localised mask mandates and potentially some restrictions on movement springing up again in some parts of the country during the winter.

However, I do think this news bodes well for the summer season next year.

Whilst I am not necessarily advising against travel to Canada at the moment, I would recommend looking at more stable alternatives, at least until the winter season is over, if you are concerned about mask mandates and localised restrictions returning, particularly if you are unvaccinated.

Hotel review – Clarion Collection Hotel Folketeateret, Oslo

As part of my two month Scandinavia tour, I spent 5 nights at the Clarion Collection Hotel Folketeateret in Central Oslo.

I had known what to expect from the Clarion Collection chain from my previous visit to one of their properties in Tromsø.

However, I was still impressed with this property.

My Nordic Choice Unlimited Nights package included a room in the “moderate” category, the most basic of several categories.

I was given a small, but well fitted out room.

The deal included buffet breakfasts with a good variety, as well as a single choice main course for dinner.

There was also a small afternoon tea offered each afternoon, as well as a reasonably varied if expensive selection of beers.



The hotel is also equipped with a nice guest lounge, which is open all day and offers indoor and outdoor seating.

The best thing about this hotel was the location, less than 10 minutes’ walk from Oslo Cetral Station and with a tram stop right outside the door.

However, although I had a public transport pass for the 5 days of my stay, the hotel was central enough to walk to the vast majority of attractions.

Overall, this property was stunning value at around €51 per night with my two month pass.

Normal rates range between around €175 and €250, which for a very central location in a blisteringly expensive city, with meals provided, is not bad for a reasonable level of comfort.

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