Travelling in difficult times

As we are all well aware, the last 18 months have been a very difficult time to travel, due to the almost worldwide Covid restrictions.

Lockdowns, mask mandates, entry and testing requirements and now vaccine passports have all played on the mind of every traveller when deciding where, when, how – and ultimately whether – to travel.

However, whilst it is undeniably difficult at the moment to enjoy a worthwhile travel experience, it is not impossible.

Over the last 18 months, I have enjoyed my freedom in Tanzania, Costa Rica, Florida, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia and Hungary, as well as enjoying my home country of Austria during the brief respite from restrictions last summer.

Along the way, I have narrowly escaped lockdowns and border closures in no less than 5 countries, some by mere minutes.

I will, of course, relate these experiences in the following articles and I am certain that there is plenty more fun to be had.

Author: thebouncer

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