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Bavaria drops masks on public transport

As of yesterday, the German state of Bavaria has finally dropped the mask mandate on local public transport, after two and a half years.

Along with Spain, Germany has been the most mask manic country in the western world and has continued to enforce the slavish dogma with an iron fist while every one of its neighbours has tacitly admitted the futility and failure of the measure.

Bavaria now joins Saxony-Anhalt in once again allowing freeface travel on buses and local trains.

It must be noted, however, that long distance trains fall under the remit of the federal government, which is still stubbornly dragging its heels and insisting on FFP2 beaks being religiously worn.

Fortunately for libertarian travellers, there is a very simple workaround to this.

All buses, trams and city U-Bahn and S-Bahn services are now freeface.

Trains are split into regional services (coded RB or RE), on which gag rags are no longer required.

Forced muzzling still applies on InterCity, EuroCity and InterCity Express services (coded IC, EC, and ICE).

Just like travelling on a cheap LänderTicket, avoid anything with a “C” in the train number.

With all this in mind, a simple city break in Munich and a trip to the Christmas markets should once again be back on the menu for non-adherents of the mask cult.

It is good to see this positive move in Bavaria. Germany is a country I have been very fond of for many years and I have been dismayed to witness first hand some of the disgraceful behaviour that has taken place there in the last few years.

Hopefully this belated outbreak of sanity will quickly spread to other states and sufficient pressure can be put on the federal regime to finally put an end to the misery.

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Canada drops all restrictions

In what may be a surprise move for a country which had among the most draconian covid restrictions in the world, Canada has announced that all entry restrictions relating to the covid panic have been dropped.

There is now no requirement for:

  • Covid vaccination
  • Pre-departure testing
  • Testing on arrival
  • Quarantine
  • Contact tracing

The federal mask mandate on board aircraft and other forms of transport has also been lifted.

Provincial and municipal mask mandates have also been allowed to expire throughout most of the country.

Whilst this is good news in theory, it is important to remember, firstly that Canada has a long record of covid restrictions among the harshest in the western world,  and secondly that the country has a long winter ahead.

Whilst it would be politically embarrassing to u-turn on the often prohibitive entry requirements, I would not be surprised to see localised mask mandates and potentially some restrictions on movement springing up again in some parts of the country during the winter.

However, I do think this news bodes well for the summer season next year.

Whilst I am not necessarily advising against travel to Canada at the moment, I would recommend looking at more stable alternatives, at least until the winter season is over, if you are concerned about mask mandates and localised restrictions returning, particularly if you are unvaccinated.

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