Reply To: Impact of Covid


First cancellation was Singapore/Philippines in March 2020. Then the domino effect from then.

Balkans in April 2020 was cancelled and rescheduled, then cancelled again mainly due to the airlines cancelling the flights constantly, Albania and North Macedonia stayed open borders wise so it was mainly the airlines being crap that one.

Then I had Tanzania, Kenya and Madagascar all cancelled due to them slamming their borders shut. Tanzania being the exception however the trip was combined with Kenya so gone. Flights all cancelled anyway.

Then I had a Brazil and Mexico in January 2021 ruined by Matt Hancock parading about and announcing the latest variant, so the world slammed shut to the UK. Mexico the exception but all the flights scrapped.

So rightfully weary of booking anything. However have managed Switzerland in July 2020, Croatia in August 2020, Aruba in November 2020, Luxembourg/Germany (albeit bloody depressing) in November 2020, Balkans in December 2020, USA/Mexico in March/April 2021, and since several trips to the EU from June onwards.

Done about 40 flights during ‘covid’ and proudly find ways to avoid the muzzle for the vast majority of the flight.

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